The watchmaker of Filigree street; Book review. 

He lived his life like clockwork, until he met the watchmaker

Set in the late eighteen hundreds, Thaniel is a telegraphist working in the home office. When he arrives home from work one day he finds a gold watch left on his bed. 

Six months later when a bomb goes off in Scotland Yard the watch saves Thaniels life. 

Who gave him the watch, and why? 

The book also centres around Grace Carrow, a female scientist at Oxford university trying to prove the existence of luminiferous ether, and Mori a Japanese watchmaker. There’s also a clockwork octopus, Katsu who I really thought was going to be central to the plot, but unless I missed it he wasn’t. 

I started off really enjoying this book, I was intrigued and interested to read about the telegraphy and snippets of old London, such as the underground. 

Thaniel was likeable enough, as was Mori, but there were chunks of the book where I didn’t really understand what was going on. I was bored by the parts about luminiferous ether and near the end I was quite baffled by Grace’s actions. I had to read bits of it a few times and still wasn’t sure. 

We learn quite early on that Thaniel has synesthesia but I’m still not sure what that had to do with anything and to be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure what happened at the end. 

I really wanted to like this book especially after it started so well, and I usually like a book with a little magic in. I kept reading because I thought that perhaps it would pick up again but it just didn’t. 

I’m giving The watchmaker of Filigree street ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five, mostly because I enjoyed the beginning of it and I liked Katsu, the octopus. 

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