My favourite day. 

Saturdays are my favourite. 

On week days I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, get to bed on time and spend my day making sure everything is done, dinner needs to be ready for the kids when they come home, uniforms need organising and there’s barely a day that I don’t have to go somewhere to do something for someone.  

Sundays are not a day of rest in our house, Sundays are what we call busy work days, homework, housework, preparing for the week  ahead, and so on Saturdays we do exactly as we like. 

We sleep as late as we like, go to bed when we like and in between nobody has to do anything or go anywhere they don’t want to. 

I might spend my whole day watching TV or reading a book, I might go out and do some shopping but only if I want to. 

Sometimes I don’t even get dressed or wash my hair. 

I might tell the kids to bung whatever they want in the oven because I can’t be bothered or sometimes I’ll make a really good dinner. 

And sometimes I won’t even wash the dishes before bed. 

Saturdays are so important to us, a whole day with no demands, no chores and no pressure. 

Today was a beautiful warm sunny one, so after catching up on a few hours of Netflix I had a nice sunshiny walk into town. I popped into Poundland and then into Sainsbury’s to buy some parsnips because I fancied putting them in the stew I was making. 

I prepared the stew and put it all in the slow cooker, which took no more than a few minutes, then watched a few more episodes of something on Netflix. (Shadow hunters FYI) 

I made dinner for the youngest and told the others to have whatever they wanted, then settled down to read a book. It was such a good book (My sister lives on the mantelpiece) that I read the whole thing! 

The 15 year old and I watched a French movie, Amelie (she’s studying it for film studies) which I really enjoyed, (would recommend) and then we took the dog for a walk on Wimbledon common. 

 I managed to squeeze quite a lot into my day and it was a perfect mix of doing absolutely nothing, and whatever I wanted to do. 

What did you get up to today? What’s your favourite day? 


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