I don’t like Mondays. 


It’s just a day right? There’s no real reason why Monday should be any worse than any other day of the week. 

I should have known Monday was going to go arse up on Sunday night, I wasn’t well and by bedtime I was absolutely hanging, of course we couldn’t find the boys circadin so rather than being asleep by 9:15 the boy was still struggling to sleep at 11. 

By then I’d lost any hope of being able to sleep because annoyingly if I don’t nod off at exactly the time that TIRED hits me I’m doomed. 

At 5 this morning I was still awake and feeling quite dazed from not sleeping. 

The boys taxi is supposed to arrive at half seven but they were late and of course they didn’t phone so the boy was very anxious and shouty. 

While waiting for the taxi I was on and off the loo with a bad tummy. 

When the taxi finally arrived it was 8, I was on the loo again when five minutes later the boy was back and knocking on the door. His Spotify had been logged out and he didn’t know the password. He’d made the taxi turn around and come home. He’s got some front, that kid. 

The escort was definitely not happy. She was outside raging on her phone. 

With the boy safely back in his taxi and logged into Spotify I headed back to bed. An hour of sleep was exactly what I needed. I set my alarm for 9 and then lay awake watching the minutes tick by. 

I gave up and decided to head into town to get some recycling bags from the town hall but when I left the house I discovered that squirrels had been at my bin and my rubbish was strewn all over the pavement. 

There followed much grumbling and cursing at the bastard squirrels while I cleaned up. 

I eventually made it into town where I popped into Sainsbury’s and the smell from the fish counter had me gagging all the way round the shop. 

I had tweeted that it was beginning to be too warm for black tights and someone who doesn’t follow me tweeted to ask what denier tights I’m wearing today. I looked at his timeline and found that that’s all he does, tweet people asking what denier they are wearing! I mean, that’s a little odd right? If that’s what floats your boat fair enough but my tights today are laddered at the toes, and a little baggy so I’m wearing extra pants on top of my tights. Hardly the stuff of fantasies. 

I bought some bread and packed it carefully on top of the rest of my shopping. 

When I got home laden with three heavy bags and two heavy rolls of recycling bags I found that my bread had managed to get squashed anyway. 

Bread pancakes anyone? 

Well played Monday! 


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