Sainsbury’s free from (#vegan) macaroni cheese. 

I haven’t actually missed cheese much, although I thought I would, but when I saw that Sainsbury’s do a free-from Macaroni cheese I was keen to try it. (It’s gluten free as well as dairy free). 

I wasn’t too keen on the Sainsbury’s vegan cheese, the caramelised onion one was nice but not so much the plain cheddar. But I was interested to see what the macaroni cheese would be like. 

I didn’t like the smell of the macaroni cheese while it was cooking so I was worried about the taste. 

It was actually really nice, (to begin with) I even posted on instagram while I was eating it. 

But I found that it needs to be eaten very quickly because it becomes quite stodgy and the cheesy flavour kind of changes to a slight vomit-y flavour. 

Overall I ended up quite disappointed, especially as it cost £3. 

I’m giving the Sainsbury’s vegan macaroni cheese just ⭐️⭐️ out of five because although it’s quite nice while steaming hot fresh out of the microwave it quickly descends into a plateful of disappointment. 

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