Girls are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary protection. 

It’s not very often that I’m shocked by the disgraceful way in which poor people are treated anymore. 

It often feels very much like the (bastard) governments way of dealing with the poor/sick/disabled is too kill them (us) all off. 

But tonight I read this article (please do read it) about how girls are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary protection and, well, fuck! I knew this really, I mean if you cannot afford food and/or shelter how can you afford sanitary protection? But I hadn’t actually had that moment, you know, like the flicking of a switch, bells ringing in your head. It hadn’t really occurred to me that this is happening. 

The girls in this article talk about taping toilet roll into their underwear or wrapping a sock around their knickers and this is just wrong. It’s entirely WRONG. Nobody should have to do this. Nobody! 

How absolutely fucking humiliating must it be to not have access to sanitary protection. Must every last scrap of dignity be ripped away from people like this? How can this be happening in the U.K. In 2017? 

My blood was boiling as I read this, sanitary protection is a basic need. It’s not a luxury or a privilege. 

Surely, surely, everyone should be able to access sanitary towels and tampons. 

If you have experience of periods you’ll know what I’m about to say is true, if you haven’t any experience of periods, yes! they are messy, they really are, and a bit of loo roll taped in your pants is not going to do the job. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare at that time of the month that there might have been a leakage when you stand up, imagine trying to cope with it by taping tissue into your pants. Sometimes in the morning you’ll get out of  bed and the moment you stand up there’s a red tsunami in your pants. Imagine dealing with that without having any form of protection. If you can’t access protection chances are you can’t wash your clothes regularly, imagine!! The humiliation and indignity of having to wear blood stained clothes. 

This is appalling and I’m absolutely brimful of rage right now. So, I’m asking you, please, please, next time you’re in a shop, supermarket, chemist, Poundland, if you’re able to afford it, pick up a pack or two of towels or tampons (if you’re unfamiliar with all the different kinds, just pick any, any, is better than none) and donate them to your local food bank, or maybe your supermarket has a donation point, if you’re shopping online please please if you can, buy a pack of towels or tampons and donate them. I’m going to donate some tomorrow. I have almost no money but I cannot turn a blind eye and so while I can donate I will. 

You can buy them for under a pound and you’ll be helping to give some dignity back to someone who doesn’t deserve to be treated so shoddily by their (bastard) government. 

Thank you for reading, 

With love, G x


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