Why I feel it’s good to watch *teen* shows as a parent. 

While browsing Netflix for something new to watch I noticed that one of my girls had been watching Degrassi next class , I remember watching Degrassi junior high when I was younger so I thought I’d watch a few episodes to see what it was like and also to see what exactly she’s been watching. 

I actually got completely sucked in and watched all three seasons. 

The series is set in a school, featuring a whole cast of kids and it tackles some really big issues including sex, sexuality, racism, bullying, feminism, periods, abortion, depression and drugs. 

I felt that each subject is handled really well, the stories aren’t sensationalised they are actually very informative, being in my forties it’s sometimes not easy to relate to what difficulties teenagers of today are up against, I mean, the actual difficulties are the same but also very different especially in this age of social media if you see what I mean. 

Watching something like Degrassi next class especially if your teen is also watching it, can give you a way in to talk about what can be difficult subjects in a way that is relevant to the youth of today. I try to be very open and I want my teens to know that they can talk about anything with me. It can really help to open up discussions and I feel that it’s good for your teen to know that you actually take an interest in things that may be important to them. My fifteen year old was quite impressed that I watched it. 

Degrassi next class is much more than just a kids programme. And I for one am looking forward to season four. 


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