The Stranger in my home ; book review. 

The Stranger in my home. By Adele Parks. 

It took me a while to write this review because although I did enjoy this book there were things I didn’t like. I want to write a fair review without actually putting you off of what is a good book. 

Alison is very happy with her life, together with her partner Jeff she has a lovely home and a 15 year old daughter, Katherine, who is their pride and joy. But one day a stranger knocks on their door with news that could change everything. 

I’ll be completely honest here, at first I didn’t think I’d enjoy this book, the first few chapters were a little dull, I stuck with it though because I’d heard good things about the book, gradually I got sucked in because I knew that something was going to happen but even after a slightly predictable beginning I couldn’t work out what. And I have to say, the plot twist was a good one. It really surprised me, I most definitely didn’t see it coming. I really appreciate a good plot twist so this book gets a few bonus points in that respect. 

I didn’t like Alison, the mum, she’s a little prim, self righteous, and irritating, but this is the result of an unhappy childhood, a very strained relationship with her mother and not having much money growing up, so her character was actually well written in that I felt maybe she came across just as she was supposed to. 

There were things that I felt didn’t ring true, including the fact that Alison, being such a pernickety person, didn’t dig a little deeper to check facts before the situation got as far as it did, and Tom allowing the kids to spend any time together was, in my opinion, odd because kids/teens are not good at not accidentally saying the wrong thing, also (I’m trying to word this without spoiling anything) both of the mothers just didn’t seem bothered enough, and I thought the the ending was perhaps a little twee. But that’s all picking holes in what is actually a really good story. It’s a refreshing change from love triangles or unrequited love stories, and overall I did enjoy it and would say it’s worth reading. I’ve gone back and forth between wanting to give it either 3 or 4 out of five so I’ve settled on 3 and a half, but leaning more towards 4. 

The Stranger in my home was the first book I’ve read by Adele Parks and I’ll definitely be reading more of her work. 

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  1. I read this recently and really enjoyed it. The plot twist really took me by surprise, but like you say I’m not quite sure how it would actually have worked out in reality.

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