I’m not here to tell you how to vote, I’d just like to tell you why I believe you should. 

The general election was only announced yesterday and yet it feels like we are all sick to death of it already. We seem to have been preparing for one vote or another, then voting, then talking about the results on an endless loop over recent years and I get it, it’s boring. 

Politics is a lot to get your head round and it’s hard to know where to get information from, the easiest source to access is the media and we all, well, most of us know the media is biased. 

To find information is a tedious task. But it’s something that I feel is really important. 

I get why some people don’t vote, it feels like nothing changes. Your vote feels pointless. It’s so hard to know which way to vote, but the fact that so many people don’t vote, is, in my opinion, part of the problem. 

I’m not here to tell you how to vote, that’s your choice, I’m not even going to say how I will vote, although I definitely will.  But as we are lucky enough to have a vote I really hope that people do. 

People talk a lot about democracy, after voting we hear a lot about how democracy has spoken so people need to stop complaining but for a democracy to really work, in my opinion, it depends on all members of the democracy having their say and making informed choices. 

I have seven children, if I give them choices about what we will have for dinner but child 4 never bothers to be involved in deciding then does child 4 have an right to complain if we have pizza and they aren’t keen on pizza? 

If child 1 always votes, and considers every option

Child 2 doesn’t really know the components of each meal choice but makes a decision at the last minute because they heard choice A is quite good 

Child 3 votes for pizza because I told them the pizza would have more toppings than it actually has 

Child 4 didn’t get to vote because they weren’t able to be there at the time 

And children 5, 6 and 7 didn’t bother because they think their vote doesn’t matter or because they are fed up with me asking them to vote for what dinner to have, is the outcome of the vote really democratic? 

I don’t believe it is. 

If they all sat down and looked at the options then all voted and four voted for pizza but three wanted spaghetti then I think it would be quite fair to have pizza. 

Obviously politics is not as clear cut as that, usually there will be a party you strongly favour and a party you are firmly against but your vote still matters. 

If my children consistently voted 4/3 in favour of pizza over spaghetti then I would have to consider making changes to the pizza, maybe serving a little spaghetti with the pizza, and again I understand that politics is far more complicated than that but if enough people consistently vote against the party they don’t like then perhaps that party may realise that things need to change. It wouldn’t be an overnight change but there’s a chance. Perhaps a small chance but a chance nonetheless. 

If people don’t bother to voice their opinions at all change is highly unlikely. 

Please, if you don’t usually vote, consider doing it this time, spend a little time researching the choices, because if enough people speak out, consistently, over time, hopefully we will see changes. 

If everyone accesses their right to democracy then democracy really will have spoken. 


3 thoughts on “I’m not here to tell you how to vote, I’d just like to tell you why I believe you should. 

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  1. Amen to that! It’s so easy to think your vote won’t count, but it REALLY won’t count if you don’t even vote. I think we all know the way this election is going to go, but maybe a few votes in another direction will serve to at least rattle some cages.

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