My vegan meal plan for the week. 

Something I get asked about a lot is what do I eat? 

So I thought I’d show what I’m planning to eat this week. 

Stir fry which is a big favourite of mine and an excellent way to gets lots of veg. I like mine to be a whole rainbow of colour. 

Cottage pie  which I’ll serve with mange tout. And possibly my first attempt at vegan Yorkshire puddings. 

Cauldron vegan sausages with potato & carrot waffles and Heinz baked beans. 

Linda McCartney quarter pounders in buns with tomato, gherkin and barbecue sauce, served with chips. 

Sunday dinner , Lemon & bay roast potatoes With Linda McCartney country pie, vegan stuffing, roast parsnips, mange tout, carrots and gravy. 

Spaghetti bolognese. With veggie mince. 

This weekend I’m going to treat myself to a vegan pizza delivered from our local Papa Ciccia. I’ve not tried it before so I’m very excited. 


I like weetabix for breakfast, using coconut milk, with some fruit, banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. 

For lunch I usually have beans on toast because you can’t go wrong with that can you. I usually have an orange with it. 
Otherwise I’ll have almond butter and jam on toast. 


I like dried fruit, especially prunes. 

I have an Alpro yoghurt every day. 

My favourite junk snack is flamin’ hot cheetos. 

If I haven’t had enough fruit and veg I’ll make myself a fruit smoothie before bed, with coconut milk, peanut butter, agave syrup, a banana and some berries. 

I drink a glass of plant based milk every day, usually coconut. 


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