Why I won’t eat eggs. 

This post may make for uncomfortable reading if you’re not fully aware of the horror of the egg industry, which I wasn’t. And although I feel that it’s important to highlight this issue, I’m aware that some people just don’t want to read this kind of thing. So, that’s my fair warning ⚠️ out of the way. 

I had this ridiculous notion that free range hens were happily hopping, skipping, – what do hens do? – around in fields while someone scooped up their eggs. 

I mean, there’s an egg company that uses happy egg in its title. 

When I was a vegetarian, from the age of 12  to November last year, I truly believed I was doing a good thing. I thought that choosing not to eat animals made me a good person. Now, before anyone gets out their pitchforks to come after the new vegan in town I’m not implying I was better than anyone, just a better me. 
I thought I was able to say that no animals were harmed for my food and my conscience was in tact. But I was entirely wrong. 

I never actually ate eggs because I don’t like them but I did eat products with egg in the ingredients and was therefore complicit in cruelty. 

My eyes have been opened up to the fact that the egg industry, as well as the dairy industry, but that’s another blog post, is actually as cruel as the meat industry. 

I think I always knew this but perhaps was turning a blind eye to an uncomfortable truth. 

The lies we tell ourselves 

This page from the Vegsn society website is full of information about the egg industry and the lies behind free range and I feel that it shatters any illusion that there is any such thing as a cruelty free egg. Among other cruelties is the fact that many millions of male chicks are killed every year, shortly after birth, by being either placed in bags and gassed or minced while still alive. 

Cruelty free eggs are a myth and i personally feel that I have no right to be any part of inflicting harm on another living being. 

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