Soreen banana loaf. 

I’m a snacker! Between breakfast and lunch I always end up rooting around for something to keep me going. 

Over the past few days I’ve seen loads of bloggers talking about Soreen – the malted loaf. 

I vaguely remember eating soreen many moons ago so I googled it and unfortunately the original contains milk, so it’s unsuitable for vegans. But the banana one doesn’t contain milk. Hurrah! 

All that talk about soreen had obviously been sending me subliminal messages because the next time I was in the co op – other supermarkets are available:) – the banana soreen loaves were practically shouting buy me. I am an advertisers dream, clearly! 

I bought a pack of five mini loaves and a regular sized loaf. That was yesterday, there’s none left. 

It is so good that I just can’t stop. 

The lunchbox loaves are perfect for lunch boxes, but also for sticking in your bag for when you’re out and about. 

They are just sweet enough to satisfy any sweet cravings and are good and filling! 

They also make no crumbs so you can scoff one on the bus without making a big mess of yourself, snd the bus. 

The offspring also love them, especially my two biggest, which means they are going to be a staple feature in our weekly grocery order. 

I do my main shopping from Ocado and the prices on there are £1:35 for 5 lunchbox loaves and £1:20 for a regular sized loaf. They are currently part of a 2 for £2 offer. 

I like them best with a glass of innocent totally tropical smoothie. Or a cup of tea. Or on their own. 

Just take my money and give me the loaves. 

I bought the Soreen loaves and smoothie for myself. 

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