Those who mind, don’t matter. 

I’ve been using twitter for around six years now. For the first year I could probably count my followers on one hand. I followed mostly celebrities, as did many of us, I would imagine. 

My tweets back then were literally just my thoughts. I used twitter as an outlet for what I was thinking and feeling, because hardly anyone read it anyway. 

Often, I’d tweet just to fill time, so much of it was just inane babble. 

Over the years twitter has evolved, I’ve made real friends on here, and people have gotten to know me, as I’ve gotten to know them. 

I see my followers as friends, and while Twitter has evolved, the type of people I follow has changed, and I’ve got more followers, my tweets are still often inane babble and I’m still tweeting what I’m thinking and feeling. 

Believe it or not, I do censor myself to some degree. I don’t tell everything despite being very open, because some things are just not for sharing, some things are not mine to share and I’m conscious of not wanting to be too much of anything. I don’t want to come across as an empty headed flibbertygibbet (because I’m not) and also don’t want to be a constant doom-monger (because nobody wants to read that). 

But inevitably there will be times when my emotions are clear for all to see, and if I’m finding things difficult I will tweet because a) I will be reaching out for support and b) it’s my Twitter (not the whole thing, my account) and I’ll tweet what I want to. 

The thing is nobody has to follow me. There is an unfollow button and people are free to use it. As the saying goes 

Those who matter, don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter. 

There’s no need, and no point, in complaining that I’m putting it all out there or that I’m being miserable/boring/tedious, I’m not a product or a brand, I haven’t asked for a review, and frankly, I’m not interested. 

If you follow someone and then find their tweets are not your cup of tea, unfollow. 

I’m not about to change the way I use twitter and if you mind, then you don’t matter. 


2 thoughts on “Those who mind, don’t matter. 

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  1. Do people really tweet you and say they don’t like what you are putting out there? You’d think they had better things to do. It’s your Twitter and you should use it as you want to use it. It would be strange I think not to say anything about your situation because that wouldn’t reflect reality. Thinking of you. xx

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