Take That in cinemas. 

Last night the 17 year old and I went to cineworld to see Take That’s concert live. It was shown in 600 cinemas. 

We also went two years ago because the 17 year old is a huge Take That fan. And although I prefer their pre- progress songs I will always have a soft spot for them. 

I don’t know if other artists do this but it’s something I’m very much in favour of. You get to see the concert as it happens but for a fraction of the price. 

 Concert tickets are out of my price range but we were able to see them for £37 at the cinema. As well as the cheap cost we were able to book our favourite seats, 3 rows back, in the middle. So we had a perfect view. Close up and unobstructed. 

We probably had a better view than a lot of people at the actual concert. And the sound quality was excellent. 

We also didn’t have to face a big queue, or crowds which is a big bonus as far as I’m concerned. 

Popping to the loo was quick and easy and after the show we had a five minute walk to get the bus home. 

There were children at the front who were able to dance around without fear of getting lost or squashed in the crowd. 

When we went two years ago there were a group of disabled people who would, I imagine, have found a huge concert arena more difficult to cope with. 

The lovely Take That boys made us feel included, they spoke to use live from their dressing room and again before going onstage and had the audience say hello to us. They also encouraged us to take photos, videos , and sing & dance along. The atmosphere was brilliant. 
So, overall the live showing in the cinema makes the concert much more accessible to 

  • People who might struggle with affording a concert 
  • Disabled people. My boys with autism would definitely cope better than at an actual concert. 
  • People with young children. 
  • People who might not be able to get to an arena. 

I hope that more artists go down this route because it’s a perfect way of being inclusive of all their fans, and I highly recommend it. 


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