Express yourself. 

On days like today, with the terrible fire, twitter really comes into its own. My timeline was full of people offering help, asking others if they could help, and asking how they can help. 

There was also much (justified, in my opinion) outrage because although it’s too early to know for sure it seems this was a preventable tragedy. In fact the residents themselves had been saying for quite some time that the building was dangerous. 

Of course there are always two sides to twitter, many people were outraged about the outrage. 

How dare you politicise this! 

It’s too soon to be scoring political points. 

I disagree. 

In fact I have two points to make about this. 

I personally feel it would be a disservice to the victims, the dead, not to be outraged. And if it is down to politics which it may well be, the sooner the better. The people responsible need to be held to account. Not when the anger has dissipated, now! 

People died, people lost their homes, lost everything they had, and someone is almost certainly responsible. 

Questions need to be asked, points must be raised. This must not be forgotten, or put aside, wherever your political loyalties lie, whoever the blame lies with, what happened today is wrong. 

Aside from all that, emotions are obviously running high today, and people need to express themselves. 

You may disagree, and that’s your right. 

Which leads to my next point 

Twitter is a vast platform, with a huge spectrum of users. Users with a vast spectrum of beliefs, values, and political leanings. 

In my opinion, for what it’s worth, as long as you aren’t inciting hate, being homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, or targeting any other group, (because I’m sure most of us will agree that’s wrong) as long as you aren’t personally attacking a person, bullying a person, and in many cases, making a vile joke about an incident, you should be able to use twitter how you like. 

I don’t tend to unfollow or block anyone just because they have different opinions to my own, but that option, to block or unfollow is open to everyone as they see fit. Rather than bitching about it. 

I’m not just talking about what happened today, I’m talking about any political issue, and in fact any issue. Who are we to dictate what someone else tweets (as long as it’s not one of the things I mentioned above). 

I see so much grumbling, especially around politics, and I know it can get tedious to see it all the time, but I for one like to see people being involved, having their say, speaking up for what matters to them. Whatever that happens to be. 

If you don’t like it, why not unfollow, block, mute, whatever. 

Perhaps you prefer gifs and cat videos, tweets about reality tv, that’s fine, a lot of people do. Sometimes we all need a little of that. 

But we all have different views and different ways of expressing ourselves, and as long as we aren’t hurting others, we should be able to do that. 


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