Look for the helpers. 

It’s easy to feel like there’s no good in the world right now, but whenever something terrible happens people rise to the occasion and restore a little faith in human nature. 

On the nights of the Manchester and London Bridge attacks as soon as the news hit, people were rushing to help. As well as our extremely brave emergency services, who have my full respect, people who fought back by throwing things at the attackers (London bridge), taxi drivers offering free rides to get people to safety, and people already in the area offering help to victims, twitter lit up with kindness. 

There were offers of accommodation or just somewhere to have a cup of tea, charge your phone, and have some respite. And money began pouring in immediately to help the victims and their families. 

Today, tragedy struck again, the horrific fire in a tower block in London. 

Our emergency services were incredible, the bravery of the firefighters, going into a burning building, is something I am so grateful for. I cannot begin to imagine the harrowing sights they saw. Not being able to save some of the victims must be something that stays with them forever. And I appreciate them so much for doing such a difficult job. 

Once again Twitter was awash with people offering kindness. 

People organising donations for the victims who have lost everything, people rushing to the area with donations, I believe some people used Amazon prime to send much needed items. Shopkeepers gave the firefighters food and drink and some businesses offered free food and drink to the victims, I read that a local gym offered for people to use their facilities to have a shower. 

People offered their homes to the victims as a safe place to stay, somewhere to have some food, a cup of tea, and I saw some people tweeting that they’d booked hotel rooms for those who had lost their homes. 

Money was being raised to help the victims almost as soon as people became aware of what was happening. 

The people of Manchester have much to be proud of for the way they responded after the attack, as do the people of London, following the attack and the fire, as well as our emergency services. 

I am thankful for every one of the people who offered help and kindness. Each one of them is a hero. 

And my belief that there really are good people, holds firm.  


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