Do we need detox diets? 

You might be feeling like you’re not on top of your game right now, maybe you’re tired, sluggish, maybe you’ve been over indulging, or you want to lose a little weight. 

You’d be forgiven for looking into Detox diets because they promise to leave you feeling brighter, lighter and with a clear mind. 

But are these diets all they’re cracked up to be or are they just lining the pockets of people who make you believe you need them?

One particular detox plan I looked at this morning will set you back £119 for a 12 day cleanse and (shocker!) they recommend you do 3-4 of them a year to keep up with the natural biorhythms of nature (is it just me that smells bullshit?) 

It seems that for your money you get an eating plan, and 6 bottles of supplements. For £119 pounds! 

Now my first issue is this, these things are a “quick fix” they probably do seem to work but that’s because you’re not filling your body with junk. Which I could tell you for free. It’s not rocket science. But at the end of the 12 days you probably can’t wait to have a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate or a slab of meat. Because going cold turkey for 12 days will do that. So before you know it you’re back to square one. 

It’s not a long term, sustainable change. So of course you’ll be going back for more, and that’s how they keep the money coming in. 

Our bodies actually do the job of detoxification themselves, naturally. This is the job of our liver. The kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin also have a role in eliminating toxins. 

We don’t need to spend £119 to get the job done. My body is detoxifying as I write this and yours is detoxifying as you read it. 

As for the eating element of the “detox diet” I think we all know that it’s better to put good foods into our bodies. 

The detox plan tells you to cut out, (among other things) meat, dairy, and gluten. 

And to eat more fresh food, fruit, and veg. 

Again, not rocket science. 

As a vegan I am all for cutting out meat and dairy, but as part of a long term healthy diet. 

As a side note, *vegan lifestyle pusher alert* I would recommend watching what the health. A Netflix documentary. 

The thing is, what you need to do if you’re wanting to feel healthier is to find a balanced diet that works for you and is sustainable. 

Increasing your intake of fresh foods is the best place to start. Eat more fruit and veg and drink more water. 

Find out what your food does for you. Where to get your necessary nutrients. You can do this for free online, without forking out £119, or £476 for a year of 12 day detox diets. 

And there’s no need to entirely cut out junk, things like chocolate and cake, because I believe everything is fine I’m moderation. As I said before, cutting things out completely only leaves you craving them, that’s when you end up accidentally scoffing a whole pack of biscuits. 

In my opinion these detox diets belong in the bin. You may as well take £119 and burn it. Save yourself £119 or £476 by finding a balanced healthy diet that’s sustainable and trust your body to do its job. 


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