Looking back to see a way forward. 

I wrote this post about keeping going when life gets tough, I myself follow a lot of the tips I’d written but as I mentioned in that post, the hardest, yet most important thing is to wake up and decide you are going to survive the day, or each hour, hour by hour.  

I’m not much into inspirational quotes but this one 

Even after the darkest day, the sun will rise. 

Strikes a chord with me. 

Because I do believe that whatever it is you’re facing, however difficult or heartbreaking, it is possible to feel happy again. Even if the thing is still there lurking underneath the happiness. We, as human beings, are incredibly resilient I am constantly surprised by what I, myself can cope with and recover from. 

The key is, to find a way to change your mindset. It’s in believing, even if it takes a while, and some hard work, that you can and will be OK.  

When you’re going through a terrible time, the easiest thing is to look forward, to look to the future and feel like you aren’t going to make it. To feel that there’s no way forward. 

To see only darkness ahead. 

But if you are able to change your thinking you can help yourself by making things seem a little easier. 

I know people say never look back, but looking back is exactly the thing that can help you. 

Look back at how many days, or even hours, you’ve survived already 

Look at what you’ve coped with already, what you have survived. 

And you’ll see just what you can do. 

This can also help in situations where you feel anxious, when you feel panic brewing. Take some deep breaths, take a moment and look at how many anxious situations you’ve already survived. 

Even if you survived by the skin of your teeth, you did it, you got through and you kept going. And you can, and will, again. 

When you see only dark days looking forward, look back instead. Look at how many dark days you already survived. 


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