Join mostlyblogposts with me and see where it takes us, please? 

Hello. I’m taking a little twitter break right now because, well, I just needed to. 

I’m busying myself with actual real life, and reading, and swimming and walking. 

I’m also throwing myself more into blogging. 

Which leads me to the point of my post. I joined reddit. Now, I have absolutely no idea how cool or uncool that is, but I quite like it. I often find interesting stuff to read and I’ve been posting some of my blog posts on there. 

I couldn’t really find a *subreddit* (a community/group, in case you don’t know, which I didn’t until very very recently). So I made one. 

I have no idea, because I’m new to reddit, if it will attract much blog traffic but it’s worth a go huh? 

It’s called mostlyblogposts. I think when you’re searching for it on reddit you type it as r/mostlyblogposts. 

I’ve said in the bio thing that it’s for a variety of posts, food, fashion, health, travel, days out, beauty, opinions, books, family stuff. Just no NSFW stuff please. 

So, I’m telling you because obviously a sub reddit community needs members. Would you like to join my sub reddit? Experiment with me to see if it attracts traffic? Share your posts with the other people in the group, find new, interesting blogs to read (based on the assumption people will join). There’s nothing to lose really. 

Come on, take a leap in mostlyblogposts with me, se where it takes us. 

There’s a link to the sub reddit here ⬇️


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