What I eat in a day #1 (vegan) 

I thought I’d do a post to show what I eat, as a vegan, in a regular day. I’ll probably do a few of these, to show more of the different foods I eat, if you’re interested. 


When I first got up at 6 I had a slice of toast with dairy free flora spread, because I had nothing in for breakfast until the grocery delivery at 10:30. 

For my breakfast I had an Alpro Go On yoghurt. These are my absolute favourite yoghurts. They are high in plant 🌱 protein, low in fat and a source of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E and b12. 

And a Get Fruity apricot, orange 🍊 and ginger bar. 

A glass of Innocent orange 🍊 juice which provided me with 62% of my daily vitamin C, as well as potassium and vitamin b9. It also counts as one of my 5 a day. 

For my dinner I had two VBites beef style pasties, (I was planning to have one but I just knew they were going to be amazing so I had two, the heart ❤️ wants what the heart ❤️ wants) with potato,  onion and swede, served with peas, carrots and mange tout. With a dollop of mint sauce. The pasties were another source of protein. 

While dinner was cooking I ate three prunes, another of my 5 a day. 

To drink I had a glass of Califia farms almond milk. The milk has 50% more calcium than cows 🐮 milk and is gluten free too. 

I didn’t have time for lunch today because I was out and about but I made sure to have a good supper. I had a strawberry 🍓 blueberry, grape 🍇 and banana 🍌 smoothie, made with Tropicana apple 🍎 juice, which is a good source of vitamin D and counts towards my 5 a day. The fruit in the smoothie = 2 of my five a day. Also a kiwi fruit, (another of my five a day, which I’ve exceeded with the fruit and veg I’ve eaten today) and an Alpro yoghurt. 

I also drank a few cups of green tea and plenty of water. 


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