Alpro Go On yoghurt. 

It would be fair to say that I bang on about these yoghurts a lot. And they feature regularly on my instagram. 

They are absolutely, without a doubt my favourite yoghurts. I do actually like all of the Alpro yoghurts but these are my firm favourite. 

I think the reason I am so into them is that the yoghurt is so thick and creamy and the fruit layer on the bottom is so fruity. The fruit layer is also a very generous amount. I’ve had some ‘fruit layer’ yoghurts where the layer is actually more of a scrape in the bottom of the pot. 

My favourite flavour is the passion fruit one, I also ❤️ the black currant, and the strawberry 🍓 & raspberry flavour. I haven’t actually tried the mango one because I’m really not keen on mango. But I think I’m going to because if there’s anything that will get me into mango in will be Alpro Go On. 

The yoghurts are high in protein, at 7.8g a pot. Someone of my size needs around 48g a day, so one pot of Go On is a nice chunk of that sorted. 

It also provides calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E and b12. 

They are also low in fat with 128 calories per pot, they are good sized pots. 

The Alpro website is full of useful information including a bit about why eating plant based foods is better for our planet.

And at the bottom of this page you can find out how much protein you need in a day. 

You can also read about Alpro’s steps to sustain our planet.

Yes, I really do like their website 😊

The Alpro Go On yoghurts have just been on special offer in 3 supermarkets (I haven’t put prices here because they may not be current at the time of reading) and they were flying off the shelves. I know this because I spent a lot of time last week scouring the supermarkets in both of my local towns looking for them, only to discover one lonely pot on the shelf, or even worse, none. 

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them, and as well as supporting your own good health you’ll be playing a part in helping to sustain our planet – and our amazing planet needs all the help it can get. 


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