Veganism is not just about animals and health …

I have been vegan for almost 8 months now, previously I had been a vegetarian since I was 12. 

I made the switch to vegan after I began researching veganism and learned some things I had actually probably always had an idea about, but hasn’t spent any time thinking about. 

It wasn’t just because I love animals, although I do, and I find the idea of eating them or exploiting them for animal products absolutely vile. 

It wasn’t just because I believe that a plant based diet is the best diet, for good health. The documentaries What the health and Veducated make extremely compelling arguments for why a plant based diet is the best, the evidence is something I simply cannot ignore. 

However, there’s another reason why eating a plant based is the best, and it’s something that I’m not sure many people think about. 

Animal agriculture, the meat, dairy, and egg industry is killing our planet. 

This incredible planet that we live on is in very real danger, and as the population continues to grow, so will the demand for animal products. 

This growth is not sustainable. 

To put it bluntly, we are killing this planet in order to meet the desire of human beings to consume animal products that are entirely unnecessary. 

We can get everything we need without consuming animal products, in fact better health can be achieved through a plant based diet, and to me, it makes no sense that people continue to do so anyway. 

Our planet is a constant source of awe and wonder to me. 

I wonder at how we got to be here, whether you believe that God created earth and everything on it, or that this planet we call home is the product of the Big Bang, it’s a wonderful thing. 

How incredible is it that the sun sets and rises every day, that tides come in and out, that we have oceans full of creatures, deserts, rainforests, mountains, hot climates, cold climates, each with their own eco systems, lush with vegetation, bone dry, snow capped, sun baked, incredible animals in every corner of the planet. 

And yet, rather than work to preserve Earth, in the hope that many many generations to come will experience all of these things, we are needlessly destroying it. 

Going green, making efforts to recycle, to cut down on plastic, invent better, greener vehicles, to make homes more energy efficient is all very well, and of course we should all be doing this, but these things are a mere drop in the ocean. 

These facts are real eye openers. 

We are encouraged to recycle, councils provide facilities, and give us special bins, or bags, we are discouraged from using plastic bags, told not to litter, not to contribute to the mass of rubbish clogging up our oceans, but we aren’t told that animal agriculture is the biggest threat of all, because animal agriculture is a hugely profitable business. The meat industry, the fish and sea food industry, the dairy industry, the egg industry, they are all money makers, we are encouraged to eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy, from a young age. Because where there’s money, there’s power. 

We are told we must consume dairy to make our bones strong, when actually the opposite is true. 

These industries don’t care for what we will be leaving behind for our future generations, they care for the money. 

Where does this vast amount of waste go? Into our land and our waters. 

I could throw facts around all day long. But this blog post would never end. 

The thing is, the facts speak for themselves, unless more people turn to plant based diets the future of our planet will be very grim indeed. 

Who are we to wilfully destroy something so utterly incredible? 

Veganism isn’t a weird underground cult, vegans aren’t trying to push anything on to you, I cannot see how vegans could gain, immorally, by trying to encourage people to eat more whole foods, more fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Vegans are not weird or extreme, we are literally trying to save our beautiful planet. 

If you aren’t moved to consider veganism by the animals, or by the health benefits, could you do it for this extraordinary planet we live on? 

To find out more about veganism I wholeheartedly recommend the following documentaries on Netflix. 

Knives over forks. 



What the health. 


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