Sweet freedom choc pot. 

I received a pot of this chocolate spread in my goody bag from the Just V show and to be honest with you I wasn’t really that fussed to try it. 
I haven’t really missed chocolate since going vegan and I never really got chocolate spread on toast, it just didn’t float my boat. 

But I did try it, mostly so I could review it, and my goodness! Was I wrong. 

I had missed chocolate! I dipped just the tip of a knife into the pot, just for a lick, and my taste buds came alive. 

It is so chocolate-y. And I mean really chocolate-y. It has a sumptuously rich, smooth, sophisticated, chocolate taste. I am not over egging the pudding here, it is really good! 

I’m still not convinced about chocolate spread on toast, but what’s stopping me from have a small teaspoon from the pot now and then when I’m looking for a sweet hit. And oh! I can imagine how good a strawberry would taste with its tip dipped in Choc Pot. 

I haven’t any strawberries in the house right now but I’ll be getting some ASAP. 

Here’s the really good news about Sweet Freedom Choc Pot 

  • It’s free from dairy, gluten, nuts and GMO’s
  • No chemical processing 
  • No additives 
  • No preservatives 
  • No palm oil 
  • Vegan 
  • Just fruit sweetness 
  • Made in the UK 

It also has 75% less fat, and half the calories of the leading chocolate spread. 

Also, how adorable is that tub? 

What’s not to love? 

It’s available in Sainsbury’s at £3.00 for a 250g tub (but trust me, it’s so rich and tasty that a little goes a long way. It also spreads smoothly and easily). 

I definitely recommend trying this. I’m giving it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it’s delicious, and better for you than regular chocolate spread. Also, because it’s vegan,  by choosing Choc Pot you’re helping to protect the planet from unsustainable farming practices. 


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