Hey, I’m your mum. 

I held your tiny fingers 

And said hey, I’m your mum 

I’ll love you for always 

Whatever you become 

I gently kissed your cheek 

I touched your wispy hair 

And said wherever you go 

I’ll always be there 

You took your first steps 

As you held my hand 

Sometimes you would wobble 

But I told you 

never be afraid 

I’ll help when 

you’re in trouble 

Time went so fast 

You kept on growing 

And soon you started school 

You learned so much 

I was so proud 

And loved you through it all 

Just like that 

You were a teen 

I had to start to let you go 

But I loved you more 

With every day 

More than you will ever know 

And now you’re 

all grown up, my love 

You don’t really need your mum 

But know that 

When you want me 

I will always, always, come. 


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