I wish. 

I wish that I could dance 

Around the kitchen floor with you 

I’d hold your hand and spin you round 

The way I used to do. 

I wish that we could go on a train 

And sneak to the pretzel stand 

And then when we’d cross the road 

I’d try to hold your lovely hand 

I wish we could go to Asda on a bus 

And you’d put things in the trolley 

I’d sigh and say you are so cheeky 

But I love the way you played me 

I wish that we could sit on the sofa 

And you’d do that thing where you rub my eye 

It made me feel like you needed me 

I would always laugh but I’d never really mind 

I wish we could watch a movie 

Sitting there side by side 

You always made me smile 

When the sad ones made you cry 

I wish we could do anything 

I would do whatever you choose 

Because there’s nothing I wouldn’t do 

If I could do it with you. 


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