How big my love is  

I wish that I could show how big my love is 

There should be some kind of scale 

 Because it’s bigger than a bus 

And much bigger than a killer whale. 

It’s bigger than Buckingham palace 

And also Windsor castle 

It’s even bigger than Hampton court 

If I wrapped it up and sent it in a parcel. 

It’s bigger than the desert 

And it’s bigger than Loch Ness 

I’d say it’s bigger than the Milky Way 

If I was asked to take a guess. 

It’s bigger than the biggest truck 

And a double decker bus 

It’s even bigger than T – Rex 

And it’s much bigger than a diplodocus 

It’s bigger than the Taj Mahal 

And also the Irish Sea 

It’s even bigger than the moon 

And the moon looks very big to me. 

It seems there’s no need after all 

For a scale to show you 

My love is bigger than everything 

So I’m afraid a scale, would not do. 


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