Natvia, sugar replacement. Review. 

I received some samples of Natvia in my goody bag from the Just V show at the weekend. 

As someone who is always trying and failing to cut down on my sugar intake I was very keen to try them. 

My main source sugar is in my tea, I drink a lot of tea, green FYI, every day, around 6 -8 cups, and with two spoons of sugar in each cup, that’s a lot of sugar. And a lot of unnecessary calories. Calories I could use better. 

So far I’d not found a sugar alternative that I liked, and try as I May I cannot drink tea without sweeteners. Perhaps I’m just not sweet enough. 

So, today I took the plunge. I made my tea using Natvia rather than sugar. 

I’m very impressed. It doesn’t taste quite the same but it certainly made my tea sweet enough. It also, unlike many sweeteners I’ve tried, leaves no bitter after taste. 

And as Natvia has 0 calories, what’s not to love. 

I think I’ve finally found the way to go sugar free in my tea. 

I’ve ordered a pack of Natvia sticks in this weeks shopping and I won’t use sugar until at least after I’ve used the whole pack, ideally I’ll be able to say goodbye to sugar in my tea for good. 

You can buy it in a canister, in sticks, ((like the little sugar sachets in cafés) in tablet form or in a bigger baking pack. 

  • Natvia is 100% natural
  • Low carb
  • Has zero calories 
  • Tooth friendly 
  • Contains no aspartame 
  • Contains no saccharine 
  • Contains no fructose 
  • Contains no artificial colours
  • Or flavours
  • Is GMO free 
  • Leaves no bitter after taste 
  • Is suitable for diabetics 
  • Is suitable for vegans 
  • Is kosher. 

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