Superdrug vegan friendly products. 

I have previously written about Superdrug being my go to store for vegan friendly products, but I’ve bought a few more items since then so I thought I’d do another post, in case you’re interested. 

Aside from being vegan 🌱friendly Superdrug own brand products are very reasonably priced and are often on special offer. 

These are my favourite products. 

Extracts shampoo and conditioner. 

These come in a number of varieties. 

  • Coconut 🌴 and almond for dry / damaged hair. 
  • Raspberry and macadamia for coloured hair. 
  • Grapefruit and papaya for fine hair. 
  • Aloe Vera and mango for oily / normal hair. 

We’ve tried them all, they are all really good, lather up nicely and leave your hair feeling very clean. My favourite is the raspberry and macadamia. They also smell lovely. 

Fruity shower gels. 

These come in lots of varieties. 

  • Berries 
  • Tea tree and mint 
  • Coconut 🌴 and white peach 
  • Orange 🍊 and satsuma 
  • Dragon fruit and vanilla 

I also have a daiquiri one, which I can’t find on the website, but it’s lovely, and a mojito one, also lovely. 

There’s also a coconut 🌴 one and a sea salt (and something) one. 

I love all of these. They make a good lather, smell wonderful and most importantly for me, don’t dry my skin. 

Body spray. These also come in various scents. 

  • Dazzle – pink flowers 🌺 and vanilla toffee. 
  • Flirty – exotic fruits 🍉 and white chocolate. 
  • Luscious – green pear 🍐 and freesia (I have this one, it’s very summery). 
  • Delicious – English rose 🌹 and vanilla bean. 
  • Seduce – Moroccan spice and soft lily. 
  • Tease – red fruits 🍉 and sensual woods. 
  • Devotion – sweet mandarin and wild plum (I have this one, it’s very sweet, but not too sweet). 
  • Mysterious – oriental spices and pink pepper (I have this one. I think it’s a nice ‘evening out’ fragrance). 

The scents all last well and the ones I’ve tried are all lovely. 

I have a big tub of the Intensive vitamin E skincare cream which is without doubt the best cream I’ve ever bought. It leaves my skin soft smooth and not at all sticky or greasy. I use it on my hands, face and all over, and the tub has lasted me absolutely ages because it goes a long way. 

Flutter hand cream. I bought this yesterday, it’s currently just £1. It has a lightly perfumed fragrance, goes a long way and leaves my hands really silky. It’s a big favourite of mine and will be in my handbag so I have soft hands wherever I go. 

I go swimming a lot and the chlorine really dries my skin and hair, I need to have a really good shower when I get out of the pool so I bought a coconut 🌴 Fruity shower gel and a Coconut 🌴 water shampoo to put in my swimming kit. I love both of them, the shampoo is definitely my favourite shampoo as it not only removes all trace of chlorine, it makes my hair feel really soft. 

 I also have the Superdrug antiperspirant which works very well and as with all of their products, smells lovely. 

Superdrug is always my first stop when I need toiletries. Great vegan friendly products and good value for money. 

What’s not to love? 


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