Superdrug instant root cover. Spoiler; it’s crap. 

You may have noticed from my blog or Instagram that I’m a big fan of Superdrug products. They have a vast amount of vegan products and their prices are always good, with lots of special offers. 

However, sometimes even our favourite brands get it wrong and I’m afraid Superdrug have got it very wrong with the 

Colour fix instant root cover 

Yesterday evening I was going out, actual out out, (much drinking and dancing was involved) and I noticed in the morning that my roots needed sorting.  I didn’t really have the time or the money to dye my hair, but when I was in Superdrug I found this and it seemed like the perfect solution. 

I was so pleased with my find that I even instagrammed it on my way home. 

I decided to test it a while before I actually got myself ready,  and thank goodness I did. 

I followed the directions and held it the appropriate distance from my head,  just a quick spray covered my scalp in very dark brown 😐

I tried spraying from different angles but whichever way,  I ended up with a very brown scalp. 

As for my hair, the colour itself was a very flat, very very dark brown, and the spray made my hair feel absolutely gross – hard and sticky. I thought maybe it would feel better after a good brush but no, it was almost impossible to get a brush through my hair. 

Another downside was that even after a considerable time, definitely enough time for it to dry, just one touch and my hand was covered. 

Imagine if you decided the dyed scalp and hard sticky hair weren’t enough to stop you from going out, and then you absentmindedly touched your hair and ended up like this. 

Probably not the look you’re going for. 

It also wasn’t easy to wash out of my hair, frankly the Superdrug instant root cover has nothing going for it. 

I would definitely recommend not wasting your money on this. 


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