What I eat in a day #2 (vegan). 

I like to do these posts because I always think it’s good to show that vegans don’t live on grass and sadness alone 😊

This is what I have eaten today. 

Breakfast was my standard favourite breakfast. An Alpro Go On yoghurt (good protein source) with a Mini Banana 🍌 Soreen (the banana 🍌 ones are vegan 🌱) with a fruit tea. 

At lunchtime I was very busy and a bit knackered, we had a home visit from one of the boys teachers this morning at 8, who does a home visit at 8? So I had a glass of Califia Farms Go Coconuts 🌴 coconut milk (which is high in calcium) with a Crushed fruit pouch. (Counts as 1 of my five a day) and a Picked and Pressed fruit bar – apple 🍎 and pear 🍐. (Another of my 5 a day) 

For Dinner I had a VBites beef style Cornish pasty (protein source) which also contained swede, carrot, potato, and onion. With mashed swede and carrot, (another of my 5 a day) and peas (another of my 5 a day). 

I had a bottle of Sibberi Bamboo water 💦 (naturally hydrating, zero calories, and the highest natural source of Silica. Good for skin, hair and nails -also delicious) These are buy one get one free on Ocado right now. A little pricey usually so it’s a good time to try them. My favourite is the Maple water. 

For supper I had a buttery (dairy free Flora) crumpet and a fruit smoothie – pineapple 🍍 passion fruit, and mango. (2 more of my 5 a day). 

I’ve also had a three green teas, with Natvia natural sweetener, because I’m trying to cut down on sugar in my tea. 

Just before I finished writing this I unexpectedly had another Alpro Go On yoghurt which was entirely unnecessary but I felt like I needed it. 

I feel like I’ve eaten loads today, but I’ve been quite busy and it’s that special time of the month which always makes me hungry, I don’t count calories anymore because I’ve found that if I’m eating well and filling up on good foods my body seems to know what it needs. 

If there’s any vegan food or drinks you’d like to recommend I’m always interested to hear about them. 

Edited : I’ve just realised I also had the pasty on the day I wrote the first of these posts. I really do eat other things. I’ll make sure to do the next one on a not-pasty day 😊


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