Why are vegan sausages sausage shaped? 

Something I see quite often online is people questioning why Vegan sausages are sausage shaped, vegan burgers burger shaped, and in fact, why vegan substitutes look like the *real* thing at all.  

Why aren’t veggie sausages in the shape of vegetables?

I’ll be honest with you, I find it an incredibly weird thing for people to concern themselves over, and I for one have never asked a meat eater .. 

Mate, why isn’t your pig meat in the shape of a pig? 

I can only speak for myself but personally, as the only vegan in a family of 8, sometimes I really don’t want my food to stand out as different or weird in my household. 

If everyone else is having burgers in buns I want a burger in a bun too. 

If my family were to all sit down to a meal of, say, sausages and mash, I’d like to be able to feel involved. 

Today we are having Cornish pasties, me, a vegan one, them, regular ones, and it’s nice to be able to do that together. 

Also, hot dog buns are made for sausage shaped food, burger buns are made for burger shaped food, why shouldn’t I, or any vegan be able  to eat my food in the appropriate bun? 

The fact that many vegan food substitutes look like the real thing has helped, in my opinion, to make the food more mainstream. It’s easy to get hold of and you know what you’re getting. It also makes it easier for non vegans to switch to a meat free meal now and then because some actually want to. Many non vegans have meat free Mondays, which I see as a good thing because every single step to reduce meat consumption is a positive one. I feel that for some people it probably seems an easier thing to do, to buy a box of vegan sausages, in place of regular ones, than to buy something they aren’t at all familiar with. 

If I buy fake bacon I know what it’s supposed to be like, the same goes for fake fish fingers and even a fake quarter pounder. 

Meat eaters don’t have the monopoly on what food is supposed to look like. And frankly I’d rather my sausage shaped food contained bits of vegetables than bits of an animal, whatever the shape. 

It’s just another of the many disingenuous questions that people ask about vegan food, and suggesting that a vegan sausage shouldn’t be sausage shaped is an entirely pointless argument. 

In my opinion anything that makes veganism more accessible can only be a good thing. 


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