Our summer plan. 

Schools out for summer ☀️ I was actually a bit naughty and let the youngest – 12 – finish a week early because he’s had a bit of a stressful term. 

I am very much looking forward to a relaxing summer ☀️ especially as life has been quite rough recently. 

At this time of year I often feel a bit inadequate on social media because everyone is posting about all of their plans, and ours our comparatively dull, although I have to say, some people seem to plan so many activities for their kids that I do wonder when the fuck do they get to actually just chill?  

12 is the only one I have left that isn’t too big for hanging around with mum all summer, and it’s not easy to get him out and about without the structure of school. 

As with many children with autism 12 is happiest at home, either in front of his PC or slobbing around in bed with the iPad. 

We need to get out and about though because I am a big believer in fresh air, exercise and sunshine being good not just for the body, but for the mind, and the soul. 

Also, I get absolutely bored senseless if we don’t have a plan. 

So, we’ve had discussions and agreed on our summer plan. 

We’ve chosen our four favourite things to do, (favourite outside things) 

  • Swimming 🏊🏻 
  • Visiting my mum, she lives by the river and a visit there usually involves a long walk along the river, ending in 12 having McDonald’s. 
  • Cycling 🚴🏾 we both enjoy cycling on the common and the boy usually wants to go even further than me. 
  • Walking the dog 🐶 to the windmill on the common. This can take a whole afternoon if we go up the hills and stop for a rest. 

That’s 4 days of each week sorted. I asked 12 if he’d rather have alternate days of doing an activity then doing nothing but he wants his 3 lazy days together, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just like me he appreciates a lazy weekend. Although I’ll be trying to fit a few museum trips in to those days that he’s happy being at home 🏡 because 17 and I want to squeeze some in before she’s off to uni. 

On his lazy days he’s agreed to still walk the dog 🐶 over the road to the pond with me, so he’ll be getting his daily dose of sunshine ☀️. 

It must not sound like the most exciting summer plan but it’s just exactly what we want and need. 


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  1. We have a few things planned but nothing big. Just baking, crafts and things like that. We will be having plenty of chilled days….Your plans sound great!

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