True Nopal Cactus Water 🌵

Move over coconut  water there’s a new kid in town. 

To be fair, I am a big fan of coconut water (although only the innocent 😇 brand) so I won’t be ditching it entirely but I will be making room for True Nopal Cactus water. 

I first tasted this at the Just V Show and I was very impressed, I’m a sucker for new weird and wonderful drinks, so when I saw it was on offer on Ocado last week (if you ever see me with a new drink, on Instagram, you can be sure it was on offer on Ocado) I had to buy some. 

So what exactly is cactus water? 

From the True Nopal website…

true nopal cactus water is a 100% natural drink with a refreshing fruit taste.
for centuries the people of the sonoran desert have benefited from the goodness of the nopal cactus – a powerful superfood that doesn’t just grow, it thrives in one of the hottest places on earth. growing on it is a unique fruit known as the prickly pear, which is the only known source of all 24 betalains and is naturally rich in both vitamin C and antioxidants.
our roots are in arizona but we believe the goodness of the prickly pear deserves to be shared with the world so we are letting you in on the secret…true nopal cactus water. we’ve harnessed the power of the cactus to bring you a great tasting drink, that’s 100% natural with no added sugar. providing natural hydration with a clean, crisp and refreshing taste and only 29 calories, that’s half the calories of leading coconut waters¦not bad for something that grows in the desert.

I googled Beltains and they seem like a pretty big deal. 

There’s a lot of other good things going for cactus water too 

  • 100% natural
  • no sugars added
  • electrolytes
  • potassium
  • minerals
  • non gmo
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • low calories (less than half the calories of coconut water) 
  • betalain antioxidants

I spent some time on google checking out the benefits of cactus water, and I was even more impressed. 

Apparently it contains anti aging antioxidants, reduces under eye puffiness, makes your skin glow, curbs muscle damage after a workout, it’s been shown to increase athletic performance. If you drink it before consuming alcohol it’s said to prevent a hangover. It’s also said to have anti inflammatory properties, which is good news for me as I have psoriatic arthritis. 

I cannot promise any of the above but google certainly has only good things to say about cactus water. 

Most importantly it’s very very tasty.  To me it tastes like water, but with a berry-ish undertone. It’s very refreshing. 

It’s definitely something I’ll be buying, probably for after my swimming sessions. And I’d happily recommend it to anyone who is a fan of “health waters” or in fact very tasty drinks. 

I bought my own True Nopal Cactus Water and was not asked for a review. I genuinely like the product and will definitely buy again. 


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