3 good things #1 

I believe that it’s important to look for the bright things even in the darkest of times. It’s more important in the darkest of times. 

We shouldn’t only acknowledge joy at happy times, we shouldn’t feel bad or guilty for acknowledging joy when life is hard, and by recognising the things that bring us even the smallest chinks of happiness we are reminding ourselves that life can still be good. 

I’m going to commit to a 3 good things for 365 days because I really do need reminding right now that life still can be good. 

3 good things about today 23/07/17 

  • My 5th born child was 18 today, I am exceptionally proud of her, she’s a beautiful, kind, gentle soul and I know she is going to do so well at uni when she starts university in September. I am grateful to be her mum. 
  • I had a very lazy day today, which was very much needed after a stressful week, and leading up to what is going to be a busy week. I managed to read a whole book, on the sofa, under the sofa duvet. 
  • 12 went out to play with his friends. I am grateful for every time he goes out with his friends. They don’t go far, there’s a big park right in front of our house, but he has autism and every time he does something like going out to play it’s another step towards him living as independent and as successful a life as possible. 

What good thing happened to you today? Let me know, I love to also hear about what brings joy to others. 


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