Bargain dress – H & M. 

We were in H & M kids this weekend  buying jeans for the 18 year old, it was her birthday, even though she’s 18 she’s a shorty like me so H & M kids is perfect for jeans for her. 

While we were looking around my mum spotted this dress. It was only £5 reduced from £18. At first we couldn’t work out why there were ladies clothes in the kids store. Then it dawned on us that it was from their maternity range. 

It doesn’t look like a maternity dress though and at five pounds it was to good not to buy. My mum actually treated me to it. 

It’s lovely material, quite thick, but not too thick, just enough that it’s going to last after lots of washes. It’s long sleeved and has a lovely swingy skirt. 

It’s perfect for a day like today, it’s grey and a little cold, so I’m wearing it with my denim jacket but it will also be just right with black tights, boots, and a cardigan, my standard winter uniform. 

That print! 

I’d never thought to look at maternity clothing before, even after 7 babies the only maternity wear I’ve ever had was my wedding dress. A blue and white polka dot dress. It was 1993 and I was 8 months pregnant on my wedding day. 

Next time I’m looking for a bargain I’ll be popping in to look at their maternity sale items. 


2 thoughts on “Bargain dress – H & M. 

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  1. That is a lovely dress and for that price I would have bought it too….
    What a great idea looking in the maternity section. I will have to try and remember that x

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