Plate up for the planet.

When you think of veganism you may think that it's all about not wanting to eat or use animal products because of being against animal cruelty but there's something else that vegans are (generally) passionate about and that's saving our planet itself.

Did you know that animal agriculture is the biggest threat to the future of our planet?
Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction.

I think our planet is too wonderful a thing to continue wilfully destroying it.

I want future generations to live long, happy, lives on this planet and enjoy it as a beautiful thing, full of green, luscious landscapes and oceans full of wildlife.

The Vegan society is launching a new campaign tomorrow- 27/07/17 called Plate it up for the planet.

Going vegan could reduce your food based carbon footprint by up to 50%

From the vegan society website

Eat to save the world.
Chew on the facts… The global meat and dairy industry is responsible for as much greenhouse gases as the transport sector combined. Greenhouse gases are driving climate change – the biggest threat to the future of our planet. You can reduce your food-related carbon footprint by up to 50% if you go vegan. Animal agriculture is destroying our environment. It causes up to 91% of Amazon deforestation. Growing vegan food uses 50% less land than animal agriculture. And a meat and dairy diet is inherently wasteful. Bear in mind that for every 100 calories fed to animals, we receive back only 12 calories by consuming their flesh and milk. Feeding crops to people rather than farmed animals could feed three billion more people. Taste the future. Go vegan for a week and eat to save the world.

On the Vegan Society website you can sign up for the challenge to go vegan for a week. They'll send you emails with recipes, tips, inspiration and motivation.

So far 128 people have signed up for the challenge here you can see the impact that will make.

Over the next seven days I'll be tweeting, instagramming and re-blogging about some of my favourite vegan products and recipes as well as posting my own tips for new vegans.

Are you willing to take the challenge to help protect this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to live on?


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