3 good things #4

3 good things. 28/07/17

I'm a bit behind because stress, anxiety and life got the better of me 😐and I couldn't find any good things.

• I went swimming with my boys again. And I made some progress in things that I was scared to do. I usually only swim widths because I'm scared of the deep end. If I can't touch the bottom I panic and I'm only 5 foot 2. Well, today I decided to get over it. I did twenty five full lengths. Then I did 15 widths, on my back, in the deep end, then I stayed in the deep end just because I could and learnt to tread water. I'm now completely confident in the deep end.

• This is also swimming related. Today is injection day, so my previous injection is worn off. So the fact that I managed all of that, when I've been in quite a lot of pain, was brilliant. I'm very proud. In the water I have no pain so that was also a welcome relief.

• On the way home from swimming my boys decided to treat everyone to dinner so we detoured into town and arrived home laden with takeaway pizza and Nando's.

• Bonus good thing. I had to have a blood test today. I have a huge phobia of needles but I'm gradually getting braver since having to have weekly injections at home (my eldest injects me because there's no way I can do it myself) I think today was the bravest I've ever felt having a blood test. There weren't even any tears, even though it really hurt.

What good things happened to you today?


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