Clearspring fruit purée. Review.

Now, I know, of course that fresh fruit is the best. And I do eat plenty of fresh fruit 🍉.

However, sometimes, I don't have any in the house, you know what it's like, one week nobody eats the fruit, you end up with a fruit bowl full of shrivelled up things that are good for nothing, and swear to buy less fruit the next week, then everyone eats the fruit.
Is that just my house?

So, I like to have some alternatives in the house, because I try to eat 5 a day every day.

These Clearspring fruit purées are just the thing.

So far I've tried pear 🍐 & banana 🍌, apple 🍎 & strawberry 🍓, and apple 🍎 & apricot.

I love all three of them, but pear 🍐 & banana 🍌 just has the edge for me. I haven't got my hands on the prune one yet, but when I do I'm sure that will quickly become my favourite!

As well as being delicious on their own they are nice stirred into a plain yoghurt.

The purées contain nothing but 100% fresh organic fruit.

They are also available in pouches which are perfect for your handbag, sports bag, the kids lunchboxes, and they make a good snack for a day out.

Sometimes the kid gets a bit fed up with me waving fruit and veg in his face all day long, a banana 🍌 is often met with a sigh after a dinner plate loaded with veg, but a fruit purée, especially in a pouch is always eagerly accepted.

From the Clearspring website.

◦ Naturally sweet, no added sugar
◦ Do not contain fruit concentrates, or ascorbic acid
◦ One pot = one of your 5 a day!
◦ Lightweight and recyclable packaging
◦ We offer some single flavours ideal for weaning
◦ Most of the fruits are sourced locally in Italy
Each pack contains two handy long-life, ambient-stored, sealed pots; ideal for keeping at home to use as a topping or dessert for meals, picnics or school lunches. They can be chilled or frozen to make delicious sorbets. 

I have bought my Clearspring fruit 🍉 purée from Ocado ( £1.29 for 2 pots, (99p per pouch) but if you order online you can get a 5% discount by joining the subscription service.

I bought this product for myself and was not asked to write a review. I've written this review because it's a product I genuinely buy, and enjoy.


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