Blowing your own trumpet.

Earlier today I posted on Instagram about my progress and achievement in swimming, when I say achievement I mean I can swim lengths now, I'm not winning prizes.

For a moment after posting it I wondered if it actually just made me sound really boastful and big headed, especially as just a couple of days ago I was on Instagram saying I make the best roast potatoes I've ever had. I thought about deleting it, because a) it's not like I've climbed a mountain, or found a miracle cure for anything – it's only swimming- and b) I don't want to come across as a braggy person, because I'm not that, and like most of us, I reckon, if anyone were to tell me I'd done something well I'd laugh it off and put myself down.

"Ha! Nooo it's rubbish really".

Or in this case

"Well I can swim 693 metres but I mean that's not much at all is it, I'm sure everyone can do better than that".

Then I had a word with myself and decided, fuck that!

I need to stop taking away from my own achievements, stop worrying about whether someone else could have done it better, start being proud of myself, and meaning it.

We are allowed to not only feel proud of ourselves, but to tell the world about it too.

It doesn't matter if Tracy down the road can run three miles compared to your one mile, if your one mile is something that you've achieved then it counts every bit as much as Tracy's.

If Linda off of twitter wrote a blog post that one hundred thousand people read, but only 100 people read yours, yours still counts. You're still allowed to feel proud. Because you wrote that post, you crafted your words into something interesting that people wanted to read, even if nobody but your mum read your post you still get to feel proud.

Your pride isn't taking anything away from anyone else's achievements because we are all different people with different skills and abilities. We shouldn't judge ourselves or anyone else against what others can do. But at the same time we shouldn't make someone feel bad if we can do something better than them.

From roast potatoes, to swimming. to making a costume for world book day, if you've done something that makes you feel proud then shout it from the rooftops. Be proud of yourself, and wear your pride out loud.

Post it on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or even Snapchat if you're cool like the yoof! Tell real life people. Be exactly as proud as you want to.

For me, as I suffer from psoriatic arthritis, which has me in constant chronic pain, often stiff and swollen, swimming 693 metres this morning is absolutely blooming amazing.

I am a champion swimmer!

I'm going to blow my own trumpet, and you should too!

I think most of us need to be kinder to , and about ourselves.

Blowing our own trumpets seems like a good place to start.

(Featured image from Pixabay)


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  1. There’s a big difference between haughty, big-headed pride and pleased pride at your own or someone else’s achievements. Your friends want to know how well you are doing so please keep sharing it with us! Mx

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