Where I get all my free books from.

Ok, so actually every now and then a book comes along that I must own. For example The Essex Serpent, I have it on my kindle and in hardback.

But overall I never buy books anymore, because frankly I'm too skint right now, and have no space to put more books, and yet my TBR pile grows every single day.

So where do I get all of the books from?

  • Every week I go to the library with my mum. Until the spring just gone I hadn't been to the library for years, I just kind of forgot it was there, but I've found that it's a lovely thing to do with my mum. We are very lucky to have 5 libraries in my borough that are all close to home. I usually borrow 4 books and read them all before we go again the next week. I think it's really important to support libraries, reading is such a joy, as well as learning from books you can escape from life for a chapter or two whenever you need to, but some people just can't afford to buy books. What would they do if we had no libraries?
  • Advance review copies. Every now I then I receive a physical copy of a book for review. This usually comes about because I follow publishers, they often put a shout out for anyone who wants a proof to review on their social media.
  • Netgalley. I joined Netgalley and I absolutely love it. You can request advance review copies of books which you can have sent to your kindle, in exchange for reviews. I make a point of always writing honest reviews and if I don't enjoy a book I'll say so, however nine times out of ten I do enjoy the books. There are also read now books available, reviewing books for Netgalley has really reignited my love of reading.
  • Kindle unlimited- ok so this is technically paying but for £10 a month, which I would have spent much more on if I bought all the books I wanted, I can download oodles of free books from Amazon.
  • iBooks- I only discovered that iBooks do a free book of the week last week. I downloaded it onto my phone and I'm currently reading and very much enjoying it.

I might seem like an absolute cheapskate getting free books but I write a review for each and every one and publish each review to twitter, my blog, Instagtam, Tumblr,Goodreads, NetGalley, StumbleUpon facebook, Pinterest, Amazon and Reddit, so I'm giving something back.

Where do you get your books from?


2 thoughts on “Where I get all my free books from.

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  1. I have Amazon Prime which means 1 free book a month. It’s not much, but I use the local library a lot too plus I get sent books to review and I win some too. I’d not heard of Netgallery – will have to investigate that.

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