Hello, I mentioned before that I made a subreddit, here my own page on Reddit, as a place to post my blog posts but also for other people to share theirs (not NSFW please).
I, personally, actually like Reddit and I thought it would be good to have another platform for sharing the blog or anything I want to say/discuss, as well as sharing posts from others.
I am slowly, painfully slowly, building subscribers – I think quite a lot of people don't know Reddit so are hesitant to join – but nobody has taken the leap of sharing a post on my sub yet.
Why not be the first one. I'd love to have you there. I love discovering, reading, and sharing other blogs. You can also post anything else you'd like to share, or anything you'd like to say.
(Almost anything is welcome on my sub, except NSFW, but bear in my I want it to be a comfortable place for everyone to be, racism, sexism, ableism, body shaming, porn, and such like will be removed). My subreddit is r/mostlyblogposts if you join Reddit, and search r/mostlyblogposts it's very easy to subscribe.
Happy to offer any advice on how to use Reddit although I'm quite a new user.


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