Things that go bump in the night.

I don’t actually remember much of what happened but I’ve pieced things together from what I do remember and what my kids have told me.

I’ve been incredibly tired lately, which is really an under exaggeration, I’ve been exhausted, which may have played a part in what happened. Of course it may not, but it would make sense to me.

I went to bed as usual at around ten on Wednesday night, and unusually fell asleep quite quickly. I tend to get back up for a wee before I settle down properly for the night but I was so tired that I didn’t.

I woke up at 2.52 a.m, needing a wee.

I know I got out of bed and headed towards the stairs, but then I don’t know what happened. My next memory is of Ben, my 20 year old son trying to pick me up.

I was lying at the bottom of the stairs face first, my legs up the stairs. Unconscious.

My boys had heard me fall and all come rushing to me, When I came round I insisted I was ok and was determined that I needed to go for a wee. (The boys have told me this).

I ignored their pleas to stay where I was so Ben walked in front of me, Jack, my 21 year old behind me. Thank goodness they did because half way down the stairs I passed out.

Apparently I was completely limp, my eyes were rolling in opposite directions and I was having some kind of seizure.

I vaguely remember my 3 eldest boys talking about who would phone the ambulance and what to do with me. I’m told I was adamant I didn’t want an ambulance.

My next memory is of lying on my 24 year olds bed, downstairs, nearest to the front door, with a paramedic looking at me.

I don’t remember the ambulance or arriving at the hospital but unfortunately I do remember having blood tests and a cannula put into my arm.

I was in and out of consciousness until around 9 a.m when I had a CT scan and an X-ray of my shoulder.

At around eleven I was allowed to go home, nothing broken but with concussion, a very sore head, a throbbing nose – full of blood- it seems I landed on my nose, carpet burns and cuts on my face, a very painful shoulder, a very sore neck, swelling on my arm, lots of cuts on my lips, and pain everywhere especially on my left side.

The hospital said I needed to rest for a couple of days, so I’m laid up on the sofa bingeing on Netflix. I’m feeling very sorry for myself.

I’m very glad that I remember so little of what happened but kids had a real fright, they probably had a worse night than me. Apparently they really thought I was dead for a while there, they did such a good job of calling the ambulance, keeping an eye on me, looking after the youngest and phoning my mum. Although we need to work on how they break news to people, my eldest began the conversation with “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I guess I have to” I think my mum almost passed out.

It’s safe to say I won’t be forgetting to wee before I go to bed again.


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