Slow cooker bread.

A freshly baked loaf is one of life’s simple pleasures. Not only does it taste good ~ especially warm and well buttered ~ but it fills the house with one of the most wonderful of smells.

I used to have a bread maker and I loved coming home to a freshly baked loaf, but the bread maker broke and while I could of course bake a loaf in the oven, I haven’t because I can’t fit a loaf in alongside dinner, we are a big family, I hate putting the oven on just for a loaf, and I’m loathe to go out while the oven is on.

The joy of a freshly baked loaf has been missing from my life, until now! I saw a Facebook video a few weeks ago which showed that you can cook a loaf in the slow cooker. I didn’t think to save the video but did some googling. The cooking times suggested online varied quite a bit so o thought I’d just wing it and see what happened.

I used this bread mix

Although I imagine ANY would fine.

I buttered the inside of the slow cooker and lined it with baking paper.

Mixed the packet mix with water, handed it to the 16 year old for 5 minutes of kneading ~ she does a much better job than my arthritic hands ~ and put it in the slow cooker. No need for leaving it to rise.

I put the slow cooker on high and guessed at 2 hours for cooking. Checking every hour, but trying not to take the lid of so the heat didn’t all escape.

At two hours it wasn’t quite ready, the bottom was a lovely colour but although it was well risen the top wasn’t getting very brown. I’m sure I could have just left it like that a little longer but I decided to flip it because I’m impatient. This resulted in it having a flat top rather than a dome shape, but I was happy enough with that.

In the end it needed 3 hours in the slow cooker but we ended up with a golden brown, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, loaf. Needless to say it didn’t last very long and I’ve ordered some more bread mix.


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