Love and Gelato is the free book of the week on iBooks this weeks. It looks good so I've downloaded it. I really enjoyed the one from last week. If you've got iBooks it's worth checking it out. I didn't even know they did free books until last week.

Loving the lost.

The trouble with caring about people is that sometimes people can become lost. I don't mean they go anywhere, rather, that life becomes difficult for them, they flounder, they, for whatever reason, are eaten up by guilt, anger, sadness, or any of the other painful emotions. Sometimes it can be difficult to love the lost,... Continue Reading →

Is it expensive to eat a vegan diet?

It's a common misconception that a vegan diet is expensive. Sure. If you choose the vegan option in a restaurant it might be more expensive because there's less demand. Vegan restaurants may be expensive because it's still quite a niche market. Fake meat products can be expensive because again they are affected by supply and... Continue Reading →

3 good things #9

3 good things 06/08/17 Today is one of them days when I'm struggling to find even one good thing. Let's see what I can come up with. I woke up to the 18 year old offspring bringing me a cup of tea in bed. I had time to finish reading a good book. Yesterday I... Continue Reading →

You've probably noticed I'm a big fan of Superdrug. Today I bought a hand wash *anti bacterial and sensitive* for 50p. Hurry down to Superdrug if you like germ free hands, and saving your money. It goes without saying that it's vegan! I'm not sponsored by Superdrug, I just ❤️ their products!

3 good things #8

3 good things 04/08/17I bought myself a bottle of Pip and Nut almond milk, and it's really lovelyI bought a new Barry m nail polish. I walked into Putney and there's a really cute fairy door. It cheers me up every time I see it because someone puts a lot of work into it. There's... Continue Reading →

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