Half a year of being vegan. 

Next week I will have been vegan for 7 months. Over half a year. I've found it quite easy although I went from vegetarian to vegan so I was already not eating meat, I've never liked cows milk and don't like eggs.  This is what I've found so far.  Giving up cheese was my biggest... Continue Reading →

I don’t know. 

I don't know how  to tell you  that I'm sorry  how to let  you know  I don't know how  to show you  my heart goes  where you go.  I don't know how  to fix this  how to make  it right  but I do know  how to love you and to always  hold you tight. 

I want to hold your hand 

I just want to see you  I want to hold your hand  And tell you that I'm with you  Where you are, is where I'll stand.  I want to take your hand  And squeeze it tight in mine  So you'll know I'm with you  At every point along the line  I want to hold your... Continue Reading →

Those who mind, don’t matter. 

I've been using twitter for around six years now. For the first year I could probably count my followers on one hand. I followed mostly celebrities, as did many of us, I would imagine.  My tweets back then were literally just my thoughts. I used twitter as an outlet for what I was thinking and... Continue Reading →

It’s not you, it’s me. 

You may have noticed I've been quiet on the blog, twitter, and instagram lately. Facebook too, but I actually deleted facebook from my phone (I'll get to why, in a minute).  I'm having a hard time, in fact the hardest time ever, my life has quite spectacularly fallen apart. It's crashed and burned, my world... Continue Reading →

I miss you 💔

You are my sun, my stars  My everything  One seventh of my world  You are the music And the laughter I love you, funny girl. 

Soreen banana loaf. 

I'm a snacker! Between breakfast and lunch I always end up rooting around for something to keep me going.  Over the past few days I've seen loads of bloggers talking about Soreen - the malted loaf.  I vaguely remember eating soreen many moons ago so I googled it and unfortunately the original contains milk, so... Continue Reading →

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