I will never be the same.

I will never be the same I am broken to my coreEvery day she breaks My heart a little more. They tell me time will heal I don't believe it's trueThere's no way to fix this And I don't know what to do.

I only ever wanted.

I only ever wanted Someone to really see To look beyond my words And see the real me. I only ever wanted Someone to take my hand To say hey I can see you I want to understand I only ever wanted Someone to fight for me To show me there's a reason A reason... Continue Reading →

Plate up for the planet.

When you think of veganism you may think that it's all about not wanting to eat or use animal products because of being against animal cruelty but there's something else that vegans are (generally) passionate about and that's saving our planet itself. Did you know that animal agriculture is the biggest threat to the future... Continue Reading →

3 good things. 25/07/17

I forgot to do this yesterday because I was so tired, in a good way, from swimming, that I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed. Which is where I usually blog. 3 good things. 25/07/17I went swimming with my four boys, a two hour swim. It's my absolute favourite thing to do.... Continue Reading →

In the swim.

I have been going swimming for a month now, I won't blame you for thinking I'm wildly exaggerating but honestly, it's been life changing. A month ago I hadn't swam for probably a year, and when I did go swimming it was always with the kids, because my main focus then was watching the kids... Continue Reading →

Sibberi tree water. Review.

Have you discovered Sibberi tree water yet? I first came across Sibberi tree water at the Just V Show a few weeks ago. I'd never heard of it before but as I'm a fan of "health waters" I'm always keen to try new ones. Sibberi tree water comes in three different varieties Birch BambooMaple but... Continue Reading →

Summer with my sister. Book review.

Summer with my sister, by Lucy Diamond. Polly has always been the high-flier of the family, with the glamorous city lifestyle to match. Clare is a single mum with two children, struggling to make ends meet in a ramshackle cottage. The two sisters are poles apart and barely on speaking terms. But then Polly's fortunes... Continue Reading →

3 good things #2 

Three good things. 24/07/17I already hit my goal for blog views this month. My blog is only small, but it means so much to me to know anyone reads what I'm putting out there. I had some things to do that I've been putting off, admin stuff. It was getting me down because I'd been stressing... Continue Reading →

My favourite playlist. 

I don't know about you but music is really important to me. A song can entirely change my mood, or evoke powerful memories. Every song on my playlist has a meaning to me. Reminding me of a person, a time, or a place.  I listen to music all day long, when I'm home the radio... Continue Reading →

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