How to keep going. 

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Something happens that knocks your whole world off kilter. And sometimes it's a thing that isn't going to get better anytime soon.  But even though you feel as though the air has been knocked out of your lungs, even if you feel you're drowning, drowning in this new... Continue Reading →

Meal planning (vegan) week 1. 

My vegan meal pan for the week.  (Sidenote: I had an abundance of Linda McCartney sausage rolls and Goodlife sweet parsnip, carrot, and nut burgers, so they feature quite a bit)  Thursday  Goodlife sweet parsnip, carrot and nut burgers, in buns, with cherry tomatoes 🍅 and barbecue sauce.  Friday  Mashed potato, (mashed with Flora dairy... Continue Reading →

Look for the helpers. 

It's easy to feel like there's no good in the world right now, but whenever something terrible happens people rise to the occasion and restore a little faith in human nature.  On the nights of the Manchester and London Bridge attacks as soon as the news hit, people were rushing to help. As well as... Continue Reading →

Express yourself. 

On days like today, with the terrible fire, twitter really comes into its own. My timeline was full of people offering help, asking others if they could help, and asking how they can help.  There was also much (justified, in my opinion) outrage because although it's too early to know for sure it seems this... Continue Reading →

Holding each other up. 

This morning I wrote a post about being a strong woman. Someone commented and told me about how when she went to the gym today, in her locker, as well as the others, was a note that someone had slipped in saying  ‘Girls Compete with each other. Women empower one another #  What a lovely... Continue Reading →

A strong woman. 

People often tell me I'm a strong woman.  My usual response is a shake of my head, a quizzical face, and an exclamation of "Me? No!"  Partly because in my mind I've always equated a strong woman with someone who actually knows what the fuck they're doing, someone who seems to go through life quite... Continue Reading →

Take That in cinemas. 

Last night the 17 year old and I went to cineworld to see Take That's concert live. It was shown in 600 cinemas.  We also went two years ago because the 17 year old is a huge Take That fan. And although I prefer their pre- progress songs I will always have a soft spot... Continue Reading →

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